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Whip (Brian Boy v Omeara/Sengpiel), Born Feb 17, 1996, Died 11/25/05

Color: Brown and white
Height: 21.75", Weight: 54 lbs.
OFA: Good       PennHIP: Left 0.29, Right 0.25
NAVHDA NA: 103 Prize II and 112 Prize I:  Nose: 4;
Search: 4; Water: 4;
Pointing: 4; Tracking: 4;
Desire: 4; Cooperation: 4
Sire: Jeiko vom Jakobsbrunnen
Dam: Blanka v Krieger
Previous Litters: Sired seven litters total, three with
"E" Litter 2003, "F" Litter 2003, "G" Litter
Whip, a liver and white male from Wisconsin, was the first Small Munsterlander we ever owned.
seen a SM in person.  Needless to say, Whip left a good impression with us.  Whip was around
8 months old when we first started taking him pheasant hunting.  By the end of his first season he
was a pretty dependable hunting dog. We shot about 25 birds over him that first year.  Since this
was our first hunting dog, we probably learned as much as he did that year.  He was
Natural Ability tested on June 6, 1997.  He received a Prize 1, 112 points, a maximum score.  It
was the second time he was tested.  He earned a Prize 2 the first time and we decided that we
could do better.  Most of the problem the first time was handler error, it was our first try at
NAVHDA testing.  When Whip turned 2 years old we had him tested for Hip and Elbow
Dysplasia by the OFA, he was rated as OFA GOOD.  He sired seven litters, two in South
Dakota, one in Iowa, one in Virginia, and three with us (
"E" Litter 2003, "F" Litter 2003, "G"
Litter 2005.)
Whip had a tremendous amount of drive and was probably as "hyper" as most SM's will get.  
He was very affectionate and was our go to dog when there were birds that couldn't be found or
the conditions were really tough.  
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