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Splash (Gosch's Shimmer & Shake), Born 6/16/11
Quick Stats

Color: Roan
Height: 19.25" , Weight: 38 lbs.
PennHIP: Left 0.32, Right 0.22
NAVHDA NA: 112 Prize I, Nose: 4; Search: 4; Water: 4;
Pointing: 4; Tracking: 4; Desire: 4; Cooperation: 4
Sire: Krystal Creeks Austin
Dam: Gosch's Nicolett
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While she is not a full time house dog it comes naturally to her and she is very calm in the house.  She is
a closer working dog most of the time and is hunted on pheasant, quail, and waterfowl.  She is on the
smaller end of the breed standard at 38 lbs and 19.25" tall.  She is a tireless worker in the field and is she
is very affectionate and friendly.