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Speck (Gosch's Pretty Speck), Born 8/2/09
Quick Stats

Color: Roan
Height: 20.5" , Weight: 54 lbs.
PennHIP: Left 0.19, Right 0.15
NAVHDA NA: 96 Prize III, Nose: 4; Search: 4; Water: 2;
Pointing: 4; Tracking: 4; Desire:
3; Cooperation: 3
Sire: Hunting Hills Gunnar
Dam: Davis' Abbey
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Speck is a tireless dog in the field and has a naturally larger range than some of my other dogs. She does very well
in CRP fields where she can stretch her legs a bit. She hunts mostly pheasants and quail and has also been used
waterfowl hunting in Iowa and Arkansas. She is rotated in and out of the house and she has all her litters in the
house. She is very affectionate and loves to be around people as much as possible.