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Previous Litters
A Litter, 12/31/1996, Akita and Barney

B Litter, August 1999, Echo and Alan z Machalova dvora

C Litter, 3/13/01, Echo and Fez, Natural Ability Breeders Award

D Litter, 8/6/02, Echo and Fez

E Litter, 7/5/03, Abbey and Whip

F Litter, 7/13/03, Anna and Whip

G Litter, 4/4/05, Anna and Whip, Natural Ability Breeders Award     

H Litter, 6/12/05, Abbey and VC Cody

I Litter, 5/12/06, Dori and Zeus           

J Litter, 8/23/06, Abbey and VC Cody, Natural Ability Breeders Award

K Litter, 1/14/07, Anna and Buddy

L Litter, 8/16/07, Dori and Buddy

M Litter, 1/24/08, Abbey and Dexter

N Litter, 4/26/08, Anna and Fritz

O Litter, 7/24/09, Anna and Charly

P Litter, 8/2/09, Abbey and Gunnar, Natural Ability Breeders Award

Q Litter, 9-16-10, Nikki and Austin

R Litter, 11/23/10, Elle and Gunnar

S Litter, 6/16/11, Nikki and Austin

T Litter, 2/10/12, Pistol and Buddy Boy

U Litter, 3/24/12, Elle and Gunnar

V Litter, 8/20/12, Sophie and LB

W Litter, 1/3/13, Nikki and Max

X Litter, 3/8/13, Speck and Charly

Y Litter, 6/25/13, Elle X VC Joker

Z Litter, 5/7/14, Speck X Charly

A2 Litter, 9/9/14, Elle X Jet

B2 Litter, 12/23/14, Pistol X Zandor

C2 Litter, 5/13/2015, Nikki X Lucky

D2 Litter, 9/20/2015, Splash X Trooper

E2 Litter, 03/9/16, Pistol X Fritz

F2 Litter, 3/21/16, Sophie X Tank

G2 Litter, 9/23/16, Speck X Doc

H2 Litter, 9/29/16, Pistol X Zandor

I2 Litter, 11/3/16, Nikki X Lucky

J2 Litter, 06/07/17, Splash X Trooper

K2 Litter, 10/26/17, Speck X Doc

L2 Litter, 2/19/18, Splash X Ukon

M2 Litter, 4/29/18, Pistol X Zandor

N2 LItter, 7/2/19, Splash X Ukon

O2 LItter, 8/16/2019, Rogue X Zandor

P2 Litter, 2/07/2020, Lexa X Vito

Q2_Litter, 4/20/2020, Splash X Ruger

R2 Litter, 12/27/2020, Jig X Ruger

S2 Litter, 1/1/2021, Rogue X Kaiser
Sophie and Anna pheasant hunting