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Dutch (Gosch's Duchess Sage), Born 9/20/15
Quick Stats

Color: Brown Roan
Height: 20"  Weight: 43 lbs.
PennHIP: 0.31, 0.19
137 NP, 139 NP

Dam: Gosch's Shimmer and Shake
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Dutch is a female that we bought back when she was about 2.5 years old. The family that we sold her to didn't use her enough and wanted her to go so a home
where she would be hunted more. She is one of the best dogs we have produced or owned. She is a bird finding, pointing, tracking, and retrieving machine.
She was ran twice in the UPT and missed passing both times by getting only a 1 in the duck search. The first time was a blizzard in the mid-30's with 30 MPH
wind and four inches of snow. The second time she pointed a frog for 8 minutes in full view of the judges, if it was behind the reeds, she passes. We tried for a
third time and the test was cancelled by COVID. We were going to try another time and my trainer decided to quit. She was granted a special breeding
exemption by the SMCA due to her above average confirmation and all the abilities she proved in her two UPT tests. She is the only special exemption we have
ever tried for in almost 25 years of dog breeding.