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Dagobert vom Haus Hessling (3/21/04)
Imported from Germany in May of 2004.  
He has been tested in the German VJP test, scoring a respectable 60 points (8 in rabbit tracking, 9 in
nose, 8 in search, 8 in pointing, 10 in cooperation).  The scoring system is as follows:  

12: excellent (rarely given out, must be extraordinary circumstances)
11-9: very good
8-6: good
5-3: sufficient
2-1: deficient
0: insufficient

He has also had his hips tested for hip dysplasia using the PennHIP method.  Both his right and left
hips scored a DI of 0.35 which is in the 70th Percentile for the breed.

Both his sire and dam were tested at all levels of the German testing system and did very well.  
This is Dag's German breeder explaining the awards and testing accomplishments of the parents.  The
English is a little broken, but you will get the idea.  

"She [Inge] was the best dog on an examination (HZP) especially for breeding. For this she
get an award. She also has a very good VGP and on the "International German VGP" (that's
a examination which happened every two years) she get an award for the best dog they have
seen for the "field work". They said they haven't seen a small Munsterlander like this one who
point in this way. It was like an english Pointer. Once a month we are hunting with her where
we can see that she know what she´s doing. She make a very good water work and an
excellent field work. She is very calm in the house and listens well. She is very fond of children
especially with our 8 month old daughter. Attached you find some pictures of Inge. The sire
we'll take is "Birko vom Tegernsee". He's unrelated to the mother of Anna and has excellent
tests. He also has an award "International working champion - CACIT" and was successful at
a "International German HZP" (which happened also every two years). Both dogs have good
hips and are loud hunters."

exhibition of Small Munsterlander last year Inge get an excellent for her hair and a very good
for her form. The only thing why she didn't get a second excellent was that her eyes aren't
dark enough for the judges."

"During the last months Inge was very successful on a few exhibitions. She get a few excellent
for her appearance and she also get some titles on international shows like "International
German Champion", "Best of Breed", "CAC" and she candidate for an "International
Champion" and for the "CACIB". We are very proud of this because she looks very nice, was
excellent on the breeding examinations and was very good in hunting."

I have several pictures and his health certificates below.  If you are interested in Dag, please let me
know at

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