Gosch's G2 Litter, Speck X Doc, Born 9/23/16
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Specks litter List
1. Male – Carson M, male1, Gosch's Go Getter
2. Male – Marty M, male 3, Gosch's G Cruze
3. Male - Josh D, male 4, Gosch's Gus
4. Male - Brad S, male 5, Gosch's
5. Male - George J, male7, Gosch's General Iroh
6. Male - Drew R, male6, Gosch Geno
7. Male - Cory Z, male2, Gosch's Gauge

1. Female - Chris Gosch, female 2, Gosch's Gun Runner
2. Female - Heather B, female 3, Gosch's Grace
3. Female - Jacob P, female 1, Gosch's G Freya

Here are some videos of Speck and Pistol's litters.  
Speck females.  Speck Males 1, 2, and 3.  
Speck Males 4, 5, 6, and 7.   Pups at the crick.   

10/31/16: Video of the pups at 5 weeks.

10/30/16:   Here are some pics of the pups at 5 weeks (4 weeks Pistol's male).  

10/24/16:  I have some short videos of the pups.  The second one includes the male from Pistol's
Group1 at 4 weeks. Group2 at 4 weeks, Pistol's male at 3 weeks.

10/14/16:  Speck's litter at 3 weeks.

Update 9/26/16:  Here are some individual pictures at three days old.  

Update 9/23/16:  Speck had her litter this morning.  She had 7 males and 3 females.  I am in the
process of starting to go down my list and see who will be getting a pup from this litter.  

Update 9/22/16: Speck should have her litter today or tonight.  I am expecting a pretty good sized
litter judging by her size.  Pistol looks like she is going to have a litter of one or two pups, probably
this weekend or early next week.  We x-rayed her two days ago and could only verify one pup for

From Jim Blaha-Doc's owner:
"Doc is a very cooperative dog in the field and in our home.  We have three teenagers, another
Small Munsterlander and third dog in our home and Doc gets along with everybody.  Doc quickly
moved up the ladder to become the kid's and my wife's favorite pet. He is quiet, calm and very laid
back until you get him to the field.   He has a non-stop motor in the field so he can hunt all day.  He
has been very easy to train and he  loves to retrieve bumpers and birds out of the water. I primarily
hunt wild pheasants and bobwhite quail with Doc in Iowa and Nebraska. I am currently training
Doc for the NAVHDA Utility Test in 2017."

Speck and Pistol will both be bred in the next week or so (July 25, 2016 or so). I have a few pups
spoken for, but we are taking deposits on both litters.  
Speck is being bred to Doc and Pistol is
being bred to
Zandor. Pups should arrive at the end of September or early October.  Please email
me for more information.